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Questions about Burial

Are there annual maintenance fees?

No. Provincial legislation requires that a fixed portion of the price of a grave, crypt or niche be placed into a special care and maintenance fund. The income from this fund is used to maintain the cemetery grounds and mausoleum buildings. Contributions to the care and maintenance fund are also made for all monuments and grave markers installed in the cemetery.

Do I need to purchase a grave liner?

Grave liners are strongly recommended. Using a grave liner creates a secure surrounding for the casket, with little chance of the grave settling or sinking over the years.

How do I find my relative’s grave?

Please contact the cemetery office my telephone or email. To assist us in searching for your relative, please provide their full name and the approximate date of death. The cemetery will provide the date of burial and burial location only. We are unable to accept generic requests for all members of a family.

Who runs Devereaux Cemetery?

Devereaux Cemetery is owned and operated by The Roman Catholic Diocese of Hamilton. Devereaux Cemetery is located adjacent to Holy Redeemer Catholic Cemetery, but operates as a separate entity. This arrangement is a partnership between the Town of Halton Hills and The Catholic Cemeteries.